Zimbabwe - 11/16/17

1)  In terms of land mass, if it were a state, Zimbabwe would be the 2nd largest U.S. state? 

2)  Zimbabwe only has 5 miles of ocean-front shoreline? 

3)  The country has won 8 Olympic gold medals? 

4)  Having a pot belly is a sign of weakness and punishable with jail time for adults? 


1)  Fake…4th.  It’s around 150 thousand square miles, which would put it after Alaska  (571 thousand square miles), Texas (261 thousand square miles), and California (155 thousand square miles.)  Montana would move to 5th place.

2)  Fake…it’s a landlocked African country.

3)  Fact…7 for swimming, and one for field hockey.  All of the swimming medals were won by one person…Kirsty Coventry.

4)  Fake…it’s a sign of wealth, because it’s believed if you have a pot belly, you have enough money to buy lots of food.

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