The Golden Girls - 8/9/18

1.  Even though there were 4 Golden Girls there were only 3 chairs at their dining room table.


2.  Bea Arthur was the only one of the 4 Golden Girls to win an Emmy.


3.  Betty White was the oldest cast member on the show.


4.  The show was originally called "Miami Nice."


1.  Fact - So they could get the right camera angles.  Bea Arthur always got the center chair so the audience could see her funny reactions.


2.  Fake - All 4 actresses won Emmy's during the shows 7 year run.


3.  Fact -  She has also out lived all of her co-stars.


4.  Fact - The network thought it sounded too much like another hit show called "Miami Vice" and decided to change the name to "The Golden Girls."