Sir Elton John - 2/1/18

1.  His biggest selling song is "Candle in the Wind."


2.  He owns a million pair of glasses.


3.  He was the first western pop star to tour the Soviet Union.


4.  John Lennon's last on-stage performance was with Sir Elton John.


1.  Fact - Originally written in 1973 as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.  He sang it for Princess Diana's funeral and released a revised version, with proceeds going to charity.  It sold 33 million copies.


2.  Fake - He has 250,000 pairs though.


3.  Fact - For many Russians, it was the first time they has seen a rich westerner.  Believing we all dressed and acted that way, the gaudy Russian luxury industry was born.


4.  Fact - in 1974 when Elton was performing at Madison Square Garden.  I was all a part of losing a bet to Elton.