Monster Mash - 10/31/17

1)  Bobby “Boris” Pickett was the lead singer of the Ventures? 

2)  The song was inspired by The Munsters? 

3)  The original title of the song was Monster Twist? 

4)  The song reached #1 twice…in two different decades? 


1)  Fake…they were an instrumental band.  He was the lead for The Cordials, and as part of his act he would do impressions of movie actors. One night, he impersonated Boris Karloff during his group's performance of the Diamonds' song "Little Darlin'" and the audience reaction inspired him to try and write an original song about movie monsters using the Karloff voice.  But, as a side note, Venture’s drummer Mel Taylor is credited with playing on the record.

2)  Fake…the song came out in 1962.  The Munster’s first aired in 1964.

3)  Fact, as Pickett and his fellow writers wanted to cash in on the twisting dance craze of the time.  But by the time they got around to recording the song, the fad had faded, so they went with Monster Mashed Potato, then finally Monster Mash.

4)  Fake…it did go to #1 in 1962, then charted briefly at #91 in 1970.  Then in 1972, it went all the way up to #10…hitting that mark in May.

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