Let's Make A Deal - 10/3/17

1)  Let’s Make A Deal was first broadcast on NBC? 

2)  A failed trade on the show was called a Zonk? 

3)  The first season of the show is preserved in the Library Of Congress? 

4)  The silly costume tradition started with a Roses Are Red poem? 


1)  Fact… starting in 1963.  It moved to ABC in 1968.

2)  Fact.

3)  Fake…it hasn’t been found and was likely recorded over due to the expense of video tape in the 60’s.

4)  Fact…at first, audience members showed up in suits and dresses.  One woman brought a sign that said “Roses Are Red.  Violets Are Blue.  I Came Here To Deal With You.”  Monty stopped and read it on the air.  After that, more signs appeared and they morphed into crazy costumes.

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