Julia Roberts - 4/20/17

1)  She wears a size 12 ½ shoe?  

2)  As a kid, she used to bit her toenails?  

3)  She dated Liam Neeson?  

4)  She has never appeared in a sequel?  


5)  Julia was the first actress to receive $20 million to appear in a single film?  


1)  Fake…9

2)  Fact…she told an interviewer in 2002 that she could do it as she was very limber.

3)  Fact…after filming the movie Satisfaction in 1987.  They fell in love and moved in together…she at 19 and he at 35.  It didn’t last long.

4)  Fake…Ocean’s 12

5)  Fact…Erin Brokovich.

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