Heather Locklear - 2/28/18

1)  Heather was starring in three separate television series at the same time in the early 80's? 

2)  She is a distant cousin to Donald Trump? 

3)  Excluding former cast members, she has hosted SNL more than any other woman? 

4)  She has only been married to rock stars? 


1)  Fake...2.  T.J. Hooker and Dynasty.

2)  Fake...but she is related to Marla Maples as Marla's maternal grandfather was named Locklear

3)  Fake...she's only hosted once.  Drew Barrymore has hosted the most with 6

4)  Fact...Tommy Lee from Motley Crue ('86-'93) and Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi ('94-'06).

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