George H. W. Bush - 10/27/17

1)  He played in the first College World Series? 

2)  He was director of the CIA for over a decade? 

3)  He ran against Ronald Reagan for the 1980 presidential election? 

4)  He’s one of just 3 vice presidents to go from VP to president without the president before him being assassinated? 


1)  Fact…he was the captain of the Yale baseball team, who lost to California in two games back in 1947.  He also played in the 1948 series.  The game was played in Michigan, before it moved to Omaha in 1950.

2)  Fake…1 year from January 1976 to January 1977.

3)  Fact…and even beat him in early voting in Iowa.

4)  Fake…8 of the 14 VP’s that made it to the presidency were elevated because of assassinations.  Five of these were elected president later on and one due to the president’s resignation.

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