Die Hard - 9/13/17

1)  Bruce Willis was the 2nd choice to play John McLane? 

2)  Willis’ famous Yippee-ki-yay line was voted as the 96th best movie line ever in 2007? 

3)  Alan Rickman, not Bruce Willis, was on the original movie poster? 

4)  For his falling death scene, Alan Rickman’s face had to be superimposed on a stunt man? 


1)  Fake…he was way down the list.  Those sought before Bruce included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Richard Gere, Robert De Niro, and Harrison Ford.

2)  Fact…it was just behind I’ll Be Back at 95.  The #1 line was Here’s Looking At You Kid from Casablanca.

3)  Fake…it was just the photo of the Nakatomi plaza as producers didn’t think a TV star would generate much interest.  When the film became a hit early on, they added his face behind the building and re-released the posters.

4)  Fake…he fell a little over 20 feet over a green screen.  Only, his fear is real as the stunt man released him on the count of 2 and not 3, freaking Rickman out.

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