Colin Firth - 9/25/17

1)  At the 2011 Academy Awards, he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in The King’s Speech, but lost to James Franco for his role in 127 hours? 

2)  He won the role of King George due to his real-life stuttering problem as a child? 

3)  He is in the top 20 of actors who have made the most money at the U.S. Box Office? 

4)  Firth dated Nicole Kidman for a brief time? 


1)  Fake…he won.  He was also nominated the year before for Best Actor for his role in A Single Man, losing out to Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart.

2)  Fake…but, he did say that after filming wrapped up, he had a hard time getting rid of his stutter.

3)  Fake…he’s just over a billion dollars.  Samuel L. Jackson is the biggest money maker with over $5 billion.  Harrison Ford is second.

4)  Fake…they did co-star in 5 movies, although he dropped out of Stoker after filming began and they also co-starred as voices in Paddington Bear, but Firth’s lines for Paddington were re-cut because he his voice was too handsome and older sounding.

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