Beavis & Butthead - 3/8/18

1)  The names came from creator Mike Judge’s real friends growing up? 

2)  The poorly rated live action big screen movie starred Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan? 

3)  The place they work, Burger World, is a rip-off of What-A-Burger? 

4)  They have heavy metal bands on their t-shirts? 


1)  Fact…he grew up a couple houses away from a kid named Bobby Beavis…and another kid that his friends called Butt Head.

2)  Fake…the idea was only floated, with Chris Farley and David Spade considered as stars.

3)  Fake…McDonald’s.  It’s the McDonald’s logo upside down.

4)  Fact…AC-DC and Metallica

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