The Great Purse Giveaway

The Star 104.5 Great Purse Giveaway from Nebraska Crossing Outlets.


We have 52 beautiful designer purses from Nebraska Crossing Outlets ready for you to win. See all 52 in our purse gallery and pick your favorite.  The game starts Monday, April 17th.

The STAR 104.5 Great Purse Giveaway is back with 52 beautiful designer purses from Nebraska Crossing Outlets.  PLUS we’ve stuffed our purses with over 10-Thousand dollars in cash and prizes, from $1000 cash, to NEX Gift Cards to great concert tickets.  The biggest prizes EVER!


The game is simple.  Each purse is on our game board twice.  To play pick 2 numbers between 1 and 104.  If the purse matches you win it and the prize inside!  The trick is to listen carefully to find out where the purse you really want is hidden.  Download the Match and Win Game board and play along every weekday at 7am, 9am 1pm and 4pm.  Get your friends and coworkers to play along so no one misses out.

Click here to download your Match and Win Game Board.

Click here for rules.

Click here for purse gallery.


How to Play:

1.      Turn all your radios to Star 104.5 each weekday at 7am, 9am, 1pm and 4pm.

2.      Be the 15th caller at 402-951-1045 when you hear the cue to call.

3.      Pick 2 squares (numbered 1 to 104) on the Star 104.5 Match and win game board.

4.      If the prizes on those two squares match you win that purse (upon confirmation of eligibility). 

Download the Star 104.5 Match and Win game board at so you and your friends can keep track of the revealed prizes.

Bonus:  Every purse has a prize inside…up to $1000!

Click here for another way to win from Nebraska Crossing Outlets!


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