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Q:  This restaurant chain, founded in the 90's, has a name that's completely made up.
A:  Qdoba
Today's winner:  Alan

Q:  According to a recent survey, 24% of us say we are loyal when it comes to this.
A:  Cell phone provider
Today's winner:  Dan

Q:  This happens to everyone during their 31st birthday. 
A:  You turn a billion seconds old
Today's winner:  Nobody, we stumped the metro!

Q:  15% of us say this was the most magical moment of their lives.
A:  Getting their driver's license
Today's winner:  Julie

Q:  According to a recent survey, this is responsible for roughly 5% of divorce cases.
A:  Video game addiction
Today's winner:  Jon

Q:  The largest one of these in the U.S. is in Alaska.  
A:  City by area (Sitka is twice the size of Rhode Island)
Today's winner:  Jesse

Q:  This famed movie character from a major franchise was originally called Buffy.
A:  Yoda
Today's winner:  Amy

Q:  According to a new study, around half of use will own one of these after the holidays.
A:  A smart speaker
Today's winner:  Rikki

Q:  Only 4 people living today can claime this.  
A:  They walked on the moon
Today's winner:  Kevin

Q:  According to a survey, this city has the most donut shops per person.
A:  Boston
Today's winner:  David

Q:  According to a new study, two-thirds of Americans only do this 5 times per year.  And of those surveyed, 75% like to do it the old fashioned way.
A:  Read a book
Today's winner:  Kevin

Q:  This item, now made for kids, was invented as a wallpaper cleaner.
A:  Play Doh
Today's winner:  Ken

Q:  When added up, this would be worth roughly $23 trillion.
A:  All of the land in America
Today's winner:  Joel

Q:  According to a recent survey, 70% of moms say they get stressed when they see this.
A:  Their kids playing sports
Today's winner:  Liindsey

Q:  According to a new work survey, 5% of those surveyed said they are this.
A:  Overpaid
Today's winner:  Becky

No question this morning

Q:  According to research, we're supposed to wash this every single day, what is it?
A:  Your pets food dish and water bowls.
Today's winner:  Catherine

Q:  One third of Americans say these are completely unnecessary.
A:  Baby gender reveal parties
Today's winner:  Jerry

Q:  Walmart, Kohl's, Target, and Kmart all have this in common. 
A:  They all opened in 1962
Today's winner:  Dan  (finally!)

Q:  Only 1% of people say they hate this food.
A:  French fries
Today's winner:  Chelsea

Q:  The companies Target, Tiffany's, UPS, and John Deere all have this in common.
A:  They all have trademarked their colors
Today's winner:  Kori

Q:  The average person stops doing this by the age of 33. 
A:  Having birthday parties
Today's winner:  Jen

Q:  This sports venue is the largest in the world when it comes to seating capacity of over 250,000 people.
A:  Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Today's winner:  Austin

Q:  70% of us no longer do this.
A:  Write checks
Today's winner:  Paula

Q:  Sales of THESE increase almost 30% during back to school shopping.  What are they?
A:  Lunchables!
Today's winner:  Clayton

Q:  Just over 20% of us don't like this summertime activity, what is it?
A:  Goin on a picnic!
Today's winner:  Sherrie

Q:  30% of people won't date you if you have one of these, what?
A:  A Flip Phone
Today's winner:  Bev

Q:  When it comes to their kids, 30% of dads won't do this, what?
A:  Pull a tooth.
Today's winner:  Chad

Q: 25% of people under the age of 25 have never been to one of these.  What is it?
A:  A bank!
Today's winner:  Jeannie and the gang!

Q:  A recent study found taht you're more likely to have your mortgage paid off if you don't have one of these.
A:  A pet
Today's winner:  Tim

Q:  Most Americans do this before 11 am.
A:  Curse or swear
Today's winner:  Rikki

Q:  The average man spends a total of 140 days doing this during his lifetime.
A:  Shaving
Today's winner:  Ralph

Q:  There are 5 presidents, Washington, Polk, Harding, Buchanan, and Jackson who never had one of these. 
A:  Their own child
Today's winner:  Ben

No question today

Q:  The U.S. tried to purchase this in 1946 for $100 millioni, but was denied by its owner.
A:  Greenland
Today's winner:  Jerry

Q:  50% of kids from big cities have never done this.
A:  Roasted marshmallows
Today's winner:  Lisa

Q:  36 % of Americans say they think they have one of these.
A:  An accent
Today's winner:  Nobody!  We stumped you.

Q:  90% of us have one of these in our homes.
A:  A junk drawer
Today's winner:  Vickey

Q:  The first name of this beloved chilldren's character is Sid?
A:  Cookie Monster
Today's winner:  Rikki

Q:  Two-thirds of us do this only on vacation, not at home.
A:  Eat dessert
Today's winner:  Sharon

Q:  When microwaving this food, you're only supposed to do it for 3 seconds.
A:  Pop Tarts
Today's winner:  Royce

Q:  According to a new survey on relationship milestones, it takes an average of 11 months for men and 5 months for women to do this.
A:  Cry in front of the other
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  According to a recent survey of women, there were 2 things found to be more pleasurable than whoopie.  #1 was shopping.  What was number 2?
A:  Traveling
Today's winner:  Nobody!  We stumped the metro this morning.

Q:  For the first 6 months of 2018, this group has the highest grossing tour behind only Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.
A:  The Rolling Stones
Today's winner:  Lori  (Laurie)

Q:  These were originally worn by men in the 17th century, but are now considered more of a women's item.
A:  High heels
Today's winner:  Donna

Q:  The average person gets 17 of these per year.  
A:  Bug bites
Today's winner:  Brian

Q:  By the time Abraham Lincoln was president, there were 27 of these.
A:  Letters of the alphabet
Today's winner:  John

Q:  87% of these are purchase by women.
A:  Greeting cards
Today's winner:  Erin

Q:  Doing this can reduce men's blood flow to the brain by 8%.
A:  Wearing a tie too tight
Today's winner:  Bev

Q:  Only 2% of us in the whole world are one of these
A:  A natural blonde
Today's winner:  Sandy

Q:  Teens do this 50% more in the summer, what?
A:  Snack
Today's winner:  Gunnar

Q:  20% of us say we miss this when we go on vacation, what?
A:  Our co-workers!
Today's winner:  Jodi

No question today!

Q:  According to a new survey, this is the most popular summer vacation activity, what?
A:  Shopping!
Today's winner:  Kim

Q:  53% of us will buy this for our 4th of July celebration, what?
A:  Insect repellant
Today's winner:  Linda


Q:  76% of us do this and get embarrased when we get caught.  What?
A:  Singing in the car!
Today's winner:  Brianna

Q:  This takes up to average 26 days a year while we're at work.  What is it?
A:  Surfing the web.
Today's winner:  Melissa

Q:  Anyone can use these but 70% are used by women, what are they?
A:  Contacts.
Today's winner:  Chris and Terri, we stumped you today Omaha!!

Q:  Last weekend, there were around 100 of these left in the U.S.  By this
      weekend, there won't be any. 
A:  Toys R Us locations
Today's winner:  Nathan

Q:  We never use 85% of these, even though we buy them every month.
A:  Cable channels
Today's winner:  Betty

Q:  A business in New York recently set the Guinness world record for the most
      expensive one of these at $100.
A:  MIlkshake
Today's winner:  Tiffany

Q:  There are only 6 of these in the United States.
A:  Living presidents
Today's winner:  Jenn and Peyton

Q: The first one of these was published in the 1870's in Connecticut.  
A:  Phone book
Today's winner:  Sarah

Q:  33% of kids who get an allowance earn it by doing this.
A:  Scooping poop
Today's winner:  Chrissy

Q:  As part of a group, this artist made just $7 
A:  Paul McCartney (on his birthday too!)
Today's winner:  Margie

Q:  Girls are 3 times more likely to do this on Father's Day than boys.  
A:  Give dad a homemade gift
Today's winner:  Ryan

Q:  According to a new study done by Green Giant, Nebraska and Iowa both picked corn as their favorite vegetable.  Which vegetable did both South Dakota and Kansas choose?
A:  Green beans
Today's winner:  Aubrey

Q:  According to a recent study, you can make $25,000 more a year if you do this/
A:  Exercise
Today's winner:  Rikki

Q:  A new survey found that 7% of people have gotten into a car accident because of this.
A:  A backseat driver
Today's winner:  Randy

Q:  According to a new study, over 40% of 
A:  Eat ice cream
Today's winner:  Ashley

Q:  In 1993, there were around 625 of these.  Today, there are over a billion.
A:  Websites
Answer:  Ted

Q:  Women hold down 61% of the jobs in this field, but for decades it was 100% male.
A:  Bartender.  
Today's winner:  Chris

Q:  According to a recent survey, 38% of people said they enjoy receiving this from someone while 9% said they hate it.
A:  Foot massage
Today's winner:  Rikki

Q:  33% of us say we're embarrassed to buy this at a store.
A:  Weight loss products
Today's winner:  Nobody.  We stumped the metro once again!

Q:  According to a recent survey, 51% of workers said their opinion of a co-worker would change for the better if they did this at their office.
A:  Bring donuts
Today's winner:  Anne

Q:  A third of teens have ignored their parents when it came to this.
A:  Denied their parent's Facebook request
Today's winner:  Nobody.  We stumped the metro once again!

Q:  This is the longest running TV show in America?
A:  Meet The Press on NBC...will celebrate 71 years in November.
Today's winner:  Gwen

Q:  According to a recent survey, 75% of singles say this is a deal breaker if they see their date doing this. 
A:  Litter
Today's winner:  Stephanie

Q:  According to a recent survey, 25% of women said this has happened to them at a wedding.
A:  They showed up wearing the same outfit as someone else
Today's winner:  Nobody...we stumped the metro!

Q:  In a recent survey, 46% of workers are unhappy about this at the office.
A:  The temperature
Today's winner:  Monica

Q:  30% of women keep this in their purse.
A:  Mints
Today's winner:  Noelle

Q:  According to a recent survey, this is the #1 thing we think about when we wake up.
A:  The weather
Today's winner:  Deb 

No question this morning.

Q:  According to a new survey, 8% of people do this when eating a salad.
A:  Keep their salad dressing on the side for dipping
Today's winner:  Kali

Q:  9 out of 10 married people say this more than single people. 
A:  I'm sorry
Today's winner:  Kelly

Q:  According to numerous clues, this movie series is supposedly set in a suburb of Cleveland.
A:  Toy Story
Today's winner:  Mahaila

Q:  77% of us will do this every time we go food shopping.
A:  Buy gum or candy at the checkout line
Today's winner:  Bev

Q:  What is the only number between 1 and 100 that, when spelled out, the letters are in alphabetical order.
A:  Forty
Today's winner:  Mark

Q:  22% of men say the do this when they're sad.
A:  Call their mom
Today's winner:  Kori

Q:  When women were asked what they wished they could make the way their
      mom used to, this was their #1 answer.
A:  Gravy
Today's winner:  Bev

Q:  This is the official state animal of Nebraska.
A:  White tailed deer
Today's winner:  Ricki

Q:  70% of men have done this just to please their partner.  
A:  Gone to a movie they didn't like
Today's winner:  Jim

Q:  According to a recent Florida study, there are more of these businesses in the
      state than McDonald's restaurants. 
A:  Tanning salons
Today's winner:  Stormy

Q:  According to a new survey, this is the #1 place we lose our cell phone.
A:  Grocery store
Today's winner:  Nancy

Q:  The first one of these was invented in 1991 by the University of Cambridge in
A:  Web cam
Today's winner:  Beth

Q:  North American's drink more of this than any other region in the world.  
A:  Orange juice
Today's winner:  Vicky

Q:  According to a recent survey, 27% of people say they never do this, while 6%
      say they do it mulitple times per day.
A:  Tell a lie
Today's winner:  Vivian

Q:  This happened more in the last 2 mnutes than the entire 19th century.
A:  Picture taking
Today's winner:  Makaela

Q:  This film, which is less than 20 years old, took over 2 years to film due to the actor's hair growth.
A:  Cast Away
Today's winner:  Natasha

Q:  Of the top 10 highest grossing movies of the 80's, 9 of them have this in common.
A:  They all have sequels
Today's winner:  Diana

Q:  Only 61% of milennials feel confident doing this simple task.
A:  Tell time using a clock with hands
Today's winner:  Melissa

Q:  According to a new survey, this is most likely to occur between 5 and 6 pm on
A:  Road rage
Today's winner:  Emmy

Q:  There are 43 buildings in New York City that have one of these.
A:  Their own zip code
Today's winners:  Bailey, Michelle, Misty, Shelby, and Trisha

Q:  The original color of one of these was yellow. 
A:  Stop sign
Today's winner:  Liz

Q:  According to a new survey, people speak French at home more in this state.
A:  Maine
Today's winner:  Coleen

Q:  On average, it takes 50 hours to make one of these.
A:  A friend
Today's winner:  Trisha

Q:  According to a recent food survey, 87% of people said they would give up either coffee, chocolate, or booze if they had to cut this out of their diet.  
A:  Cheese
Today's winners:  Seth and James

Q:  According to a new survey, 90% of people use on of these everyday.
A:  Cell phones
Today's winner:  Kori

Q:  According to a new retail study, 31% of men and 10% of women say they do this when it comes to a
      certain article of clothing,  What piece of clothing is it and what is it that they do?
A:  Wear their underwear 2 or more times before washing them.
Today's winner:  Trisha

Q:  Amazingly, this only happens to babies 4% of the time.
A:  Born on their actual due date.
Today's winner:  Kayla

Q:  When North Korean leader Kim John Un was named Supreme Leader, this
      happened to a small percentage of the North Korean population.
A:  Anyone named Kin John Un had to legally change their name.
Today's winner:  Nobody as we stumped the metro!

Q;  The average person weighs 5 pounds more if they have one of these.  
A:  A spouse
Today's winner:  Pete

Q:  This happens, on average, about 8 million times a day around the world.
A:  Lightning strike.
Today's winner:  Justina

A:  70% or women say they feel guilty when they do this in the morning.
Q:  Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
Today's winner:  Floyd

Q:  This state's name is derived from the Algonquin word meaning large lake.
A:  Micigan
Today's winner:  Sheila

Q:  Almost half of us won't eat a meal unless this is on the table.
A:  Cell phone.
Today's winner:  Dan

Q:  41% of Americans say they always do this, while 25% say they don't do this
      any longer.
A:  Carry cash. 
Today's winner:  Edwina

Q:  The average person's one of these weighs 29 pounds. 
A:  Skeleton
Today's winner:  Shannon

Q:  This job requires, according to the employee guide, to wear deodorant.
A:  Disney cast members.
Today's winner:  Nobody.  We stumped you today!

Q:  This item, usually found in your kitchen, was once turned into pill form and
      used to treat illnesses and indigestion.
A:  Ketchup  (1830's)
Today's winner:  Ricky

Q:  A quarter of us say we can't live without a really good what?
A:  Mattress
Today's winner:  Jay

Q:  According to a new study, 60% of parents say this helps their kids study
A:  Having a clean room
Today's winner:  Diana

Q:  75% of babies have this happen within their first hour of life. 
A:  Have their picture posted on social media.
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  There have been less than 2000 Americans who could claim they are this.
A:  U.S. Senators
Today's winner:  Nobody!  We stumped you!!  :)

Q:  1 in 3 people can't do this physical thing.
A:  Snap their fingers
Today's winner:  Jeff

Q: 90% of us will have this happen to us at least once in our lifetime.
A:  A car accident.
Today's winner:  Kathy

Q:  Of the top 10 most watched television shows, all were season ending
      episodes.  Only 1 of the top 10 final episodes was broadcast during the
A:  Roots
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  This happens on Tuesdays more than any other day of the week. 
A:  Applying for jobs.
Today's winner:  Jay

Q:  90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of one of these.  
A:  A U.S. state.
Today's winner:  Patty

Q:  A third of us will be doing this this weekend.
A:  Working.
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  CBS television used to add sound effects to this broadcast up until 2000. 
      Then people realized it was fake and quit doing it.
A:  Golf tournaments.  (They added bird sound effects)
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  In a survey of married couples, close to half said they refuse to share this with
      their partner.
A:  Dessert.
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  The U.S. imports the most oil from this country.
A:  Canada.
Today's winner:  Ed

Q:  This normally takes around a minute, but in 1963, someone did it in under 2
      seconds.  And that is stilll a record. 
A:  Accept an Oscar
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  The smallest one of these in the U.S. is located in Oregon...and it's enclosed in a 2-foot cirle.
A:  A city park.
Today's winner:  Libby

Q:  59% of kids do this by the age of 10.
A:  Get a social media account.
Today's winner:  Deb

Q:  This inventor wanted to be creamated and buried in his products container.  
A:  Pringles.
Today's winner:  Coleen

Q:  If this was a city, it would be the 10th largest in the United States.
A:  The U.S. Army
Today's winner:  James

Q:  According to a recent survey, 10% of people say they have a secret recipe for this and will never give it up.  
A:  Chili.
Today's winner:  Kim

Q:  According to a recent survey, 70% of people siad having this helps them keep
A:  A dog.
Today's winner:  Katie

Q:  39% of Americans say this makes them uncomfortable when dining out. 
A:  Sending back food.
Today's winner:  Christine

Q:  25% fewer kids are doing this than a decade ago.
A:  Playing baseball.
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  Up until 1915, it was legal to mail this using the U.S. Postal Service.
A:  Babies weighing up to 11 pounds.
Today's winner:  Cara

Q:  These are a part of every Olympics now, but they weren't used for the first time until 1960.
A:  Computers
Today's winner:  None.  We stumped the metro!

Q:  This item from a popular TV show weighs in at 2400 pounds.
A:  The Wheel of Fortune wheel
Today's winner:  Kayla

Q:  30 years ago, 80% of us could do this.  Today, less than 20% can do this.
A:  Drive a stick shift
Today's winner:  Tracy

Q:  This drink was originally invented in 1934 as an ice cream topping.
A:  Hawaiian Punch.
Today's winner:  Janice

Q;  Couples that do this are 37% more likely to get divorced. 
A:  Get married on Valentine's Day.
Today's winner:  Constance

Q:  According to a new survey, this southern state was named the worst state for
A:  Arkansas.
Today's winner:  Jackie

Q:  40% of us always have one of these in our car.  What is it?
A:  Phone charger.
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  This Disney movie holds the record for the best selling DVD of all time.
A:  Finding Nemo.
Today's winner:  Laurie

Q:  85% of us are now doing this. 
A:  We're on social media.
Today's winner: Stephanie

Q:  According to a recent survey, 43% of Americans wouldn't date someone who
     doesn't do this.
A:  Travel.
Today's winner:  Kayla

Q:  Americans travel about 1.3 billion miles per year on this mode of transportation. 
A:  Elevator.
Today's winner:  Diane

Q:  According to a new survey of millennials, only 62% of them how to perform
      this basic automotive task. 
A:  Check their tire pressure.  
Today's winner:  Lynn

Q:  This iconic movie sound actually trademarked...and it's not music. 
A:  Darth Vader's breathing.
Today's winner:  Kevin

Q:  The average person knows 5 of these by memory.  
A:  Recipes.
Today's winner:  Carrie

Q:  In the U.S., we use around 500 million of these every day.  
A:  Straws.  
Today's winner:  Shelby

Q:  25% of people say this is one of our biggest fears.  
A:  Their cell phone battery dying. 
Today's winner:  Sean 

Q:  The British Army gave a medal of valor to this animal after World War I.
A:  Cat (his name was Simon and they were used to kill rats on ships)
Today's winner:  Glen

Q:  According to a new survey, people who do this are considered trustworthy.
A:  Cursing.
Today's winner:  Lauren

Q:  According to zoo statistics, this animal is the most dangerous to zoo keepers.
A:  Zebra.
Today's winner:  Trisha

Q:  According to a new office study, 94% of people said this is unacceptable for
      someone to do at their desk while the other 6% said they were fine with it.
A:  Listening to music without headphones plugged in.
Today's winner:  We stumped the metro!

Q:  55% of us say this is now the first thing we notice about other people.  What
      is it?
A:  Their cell phone.
Today's winner:  Zeke

Q:  In the 1950's, this company asked the Treasury Department to produce a 7.5
     cent coin because they wanted to raise their product's price from 5 cents.
A:  Coca Cola.
Today's winner:  Terri

Q:  This bald movie star is a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons.  He even wrote
      the forward to a book called 30 Years Of Adventure: A Celebration of
      Dungeons & Dragons.  Which star is it?
A:  Vin Diesel.
Today's winner:  Jimmy

Q:  This food is #1 at knocking you off your New Year's diet.  What is it?
A:  Pizza.
Today's winner:  Linda

Q:  80% of this snack food is made in Pennsylvania.  What is it?
A:  Pretzels.
Today's winner:  Linda

Q:  33% of Americans have two of these.  What are they?
A:  Jobs.
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  According to a recent survey, one in four people have done this by
A:  Going on a vacation.
Today's winner:  Sandra

Q:  Those who do this for a living are the most likely to get a speeding ticket. 
      What job is it? 
A:  Doctor
Today's winner:  Jo

Q:  This movie spent the most weekends at the U.S. box office at #1 with 16?
A:  E.T.
Today's winner:  Trisha

Q:  When it gets this cold, 1/3 of women say they have zero interest in doing this.
A:  Paint their toenails
Today's winner:  Natasha

12/20/17..Final Braggin' Rights Question of 2017
Q:  This was the first Christmas song performed from space?
A:  Jingle Bells.  (1965)
Today's winner:  Ron

Q:  According to a recent survey, American's think this job should pay $140,000 a year.  What job is it?
A:  Santa.
Today's winner:  

Q:  According to a recent study, it's estimated it would take 2000 workers, 5 years, and $5 billion to reconsctruct this landmark.
A:  The Great Pyramid at Giza.
Today's winner:  Katie

Q:  According to a recent survey, New Year's Day is the most popular day to do this.  What is it?
A:  Binge watch television and movies
Today's winner:  Rita

Q:  According to a recent holiday survey, the average American would spend $128 to have this happen.  What is it?
A:  To have someone take all of their Christmas decorations down. 
Today's winner:  Brad

Q:  The average couple spends 132 hours a year doing this, which works out to 21 minutes a day.  What is it?
A:  Choosing what/where to eat.
Today's winner:  Mike

Q:  35% of Americans say they will some of these on December 31st.  What are they?
A:  Unused vacation days.
Today's winner:  Nobody got the answer, so we put an 8th notch on our wall!

Q:  79% of us plan to do this during the holidays this year.  It was 92% a generation ago.  What is it?
A:  Put up a tree.
Today's winners:  Naomi and Tom

Q:  According to Instagram statistics, this physical location wast he most Instagrammed in Nebraska this year.  Where is it?
A:  CenturyLink Center
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  25% of us have admitted to doing this while holiday shopping.  What is it?
A:  Trying to get into the wrong car.
Today's winner;  Dawn

Q;  Of all the 45 U.S. Presidents, only 5 of them have this in common.  What is it?
A:  They had beards.  (Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, and Harrison)
Today's winner:  Carrie

Q:  According to a recent study, this holiday season only 33% of us are actually looking forward to this.  What is it?
A:  Office Christmas parties.
Today winners:  Addison, Emerson, Grayson, and Dad

Q:  12% of us will try this during this time of the year.  What is it?
A:  Cut down your own Christmas tree.
Today's winner:  Vicky

Q:  According to a recent survey, 82% of men do this at the holidays.  What is it?  
A:  Put up the outside decorations.
Today's winner:  Scott

Q:  The average American expects to get 9 of these during the holidays.  What are we expecting?
A:  Extra pounds.
Today's winner:  Tracy

Q:  This TV character dated 66 women over the course of the show.  Which character is it?
A:  Jerry Seinfeld
Today's winner:  Monique

Q:Doing this makes a woman appear 7 pounds lighter.  What is it?
A:  Getting a tan.
Today's winner:  Stephanie

Q:  According to a recent survey, this relative is the most likely to go overboard with their drinking on Thanksgiving.  Which one is it?  
A:  Your uncle
Today's winner:  Mary

Q:  51% of people don't remember this from high school.  What is it?
A:  Their prom song.
Today's winner:  Addision, Emerson, Grayson, and Dad

Q:  According to the FCC, we spent $286 million using these in 2015.  What are they?
A:  Payphones
Today's winner:  Patty

Q:  20% of us would never give this up, no matter the cost.  What is it?
A:  Going out to eat.
Today's winner:  Gale

Q:  According to a recent survey, 46% of people said the worst fight they have with their relatives over the holidays is over this.  What is it?
A:  Where everyone will sleep
Today's winner:  Ashley

Q:  Almost 10% of staples manufactured worldwide are made for this purpose.  What is it?
A:  Manufacturing tea bags
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  According to a recent study, people who work without these sleep an average of 46 minutes less per night.  What are they?
A:  Windows
Today's winner:  No winner this morning!  

Q:  It takes the average person 20 minutes to do this.  What is it?
A:  Choose what to watch on Netflix.
Today's winner:

Q:  This movie character was recently voted as the greatest of all time.  Which one is it?
A:  Indiana Jones.
Today's winner:  Mary

Q:  According to a recent survey, 66% of the world's population
A:  Snow
Today's winner:  Ricky

Q:  This candy was voted the worst candy to give out on Halloween.  Which on is it?
A:  Circus peanuts
Today's winner:  Kevin

Q:  The first on of these was created in 1839.  What was it?
A:  The first selfie.
Today's winner:  Paul

Q:  Only one of our fifty state capitals is pronounced using one syllable.  Which one is it?
A:  Pierre
Today's winner:  Lisa

Q:  This sound is in the key of F.  What sound is it?
A:  A dial tone.
Today's winner:  STUMPER!  No winner.

Q:  This mutachioed mascot's first name is Julius.  What brand does he represent?
A:  Pringles.
Today's winner:  Gretna Art Class

Q:  According to a new hygiene survey, when floss isn't available, 61% of us use this instead.  What is it?
A:  Our fingernail.
Today's winner:  Bev

Q:  This fictional character would turn 38 this year.  What character is it?
A:  Bart Simpson.
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  Today, it costs $110 for a ticket to Walt Disney World in Florida.  What was the cost of a ticket 40 years ago in 1977?
A:  $6.00
Today's winner:  Dawn

Q:  The average one of these lasts an average of 6 years.  What is it?
A:  A dollar bill.
Today's Winner:  Daniel

Q:  This video game was originally developed as a training tool.  Which video game was it?
A:  Pong.
Today's winner:  Nikki

Q:  According to a new survey, half of us don't like to do this when we are at home.  What is it?
A:  Answer the door.
Today's winner:  Addison, Emerson, and Grayson

Q:  The members of this long running TV show were paid $750 per episode in its first season.  Which show is it?
A:  Saturday Night Live
Today's Winner:  Coleen

Q:  According to new research, 55% of grandparents say they don't have one of these.  What is it?  
A:  A mortgage
Today's winner:  Howard

Q: According to a new study of Halloween candy sales over the past 10 years, the most purchased candy in Nebraska is what?
A:  Sour Patch Kids
Today's winner:  Rod


Q:  The state of Georgia is looking to name a brand new town after this business.  Which one is it?
A:  Amazon.
Today's winner:  The Gretna High art class

Q:  The average American receives this by the age of 13.  What is it?
A:  Their first kiss.
Today's winner:  April


Q:  This movie franchise is adding yet another one to its series.  Which movie is it?
A:  Die Hard
Today's winner:  Jerry

Q:  The average American has this happen 6 times per year.  What is it?
A:  Catches a cold.
Today's winner:  Mary