Teacher Creates Special Suit to Hug Her Students

An elementary school teacher in Indiana came up with a unique way to safely hug her students during the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelsey Pavelka used resealable plastic bags to create a barrier-like suit in her doorway so she could visit with her second graders. “They came. We hugged. We talked and laughed and hugged some more,” she shared on Facebook.

“Most students ran up to my door squealing!” Pavelka told CNN. “Many parents have shared that their student really needed this.”

The teacher says 14 students came by to visit, and she set out cleaning supplies for them to disinfect the plastic between each hug.

Pavelka, who teaches in Muncie, said she originally saw the idea on TikTok as people were using this method to hug family members. The quarantine hug setup is equipped with a stool for the kids to step up on and a variety of disinfectants.

“Many parents have shared that their student really needed this,” she said.


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(Photo courtesy of Kelsey Pavelka)