Two 20-Year-Old New Yorkers Create Volunteer Army To Bring Food And Medication To Vulnerable People

Over the course of 72 hours, 20-year-old Liam Elkind and his friend Simone Policano, managed to collect 1,300 volunteers to deliver groceries and medicine to older New Yorkers and other vulnerable populations. They call themselves “Invisible Hands,” and they are helping bring comfort and supplies—with social distancing, obviously.

“People are scared, and people are lonely,” Elkind said. “We’re all so separated, and one of the things we need is that social cohesiveness. This is one opportunity to get them that social connection they’re looking for.”

Elkind, the son of a doctor, has watched his father and other caregivers working tirelessly in crisis.

“I figured, OK, I can go buy some groceries. That I can do,” he said.

See pictures and video and read more about the wonderful story here!


(Screenshot courtesy of AP)