Former Soldier Adopts Retired Service Horse Who Helped Him Overcome Loneliness.

Nearly 15 years have passed since Ezphia Rennock met a horse named Agricola in a London army barracks.

The 35-year-old from Lancashire, England served in the Blues and Royals, a part of the Household Cavalry of the British Army, for seven years. That’s when he was paired up with a “troublemaker” horse that nobody could handle. Nobody except Ezphia that is!

The two quickly formed an unbreakable bond. “I loved all of the horses, but Agricola was special.” he said.

After retiring from the royal guard in 2007, he didn’t think he’d ever see Agricola again. But he always hoped he’d be reunited with his dear companion so he could fulfill a special promise: “I used to sit there with him every day and tell him that one day after retiring I would come back and adopt him so we could be together once we had completed our service,” he said.

Little did he know that his wish would come true!

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(Photo courtesy of Facebook/Ezphia Rennock)