Dog Has Been Helping Owner Clear Beach Trash Since She Was a Puppy

As a puppy, Molly a 2 year old  Labrador retriever would always find pieces of trash to play with—which inspired her owner Fliss Cater to turn the pup’s habit into a good cause by encouraging her to deposit all the garbage into a trash bag.

“I’ve had Molly since she was just nine weeks old and she’s always loved picking up plastic bottles,” says Cater. “Labradors are quite inquisitive and energetic so I was lucky that she immediately had a knack for it.

“We’ll pick up hundreds of items every single day, and I’ve had to upgrade from small bags to massive bin liners,” she added. “She loves it so much she doesn’t ask for treats when she finds something, all she wants is a ‘good girl Molly’ and she’s a happy dog.”

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(Photo courtesy of swns)