The Olive Garden – 8/15/19

Olive Garden’s famed unlimited ‘Pasta Pass’ returns this week. The passes will officially go on sale for 30 minutes only for $100 today at 1pm CT, but this year they’ll also be a new addition to the Pasta Pass lineup: a Lifetime Pass.  There is a limit of 50 on the Lifetime Pass and it will cost you $500. If you successfully buy a pass, the traditional version gives you unlimited food for 9 weeks from September 23rd to November 24th of this year.


The Olive Garden Chefs bake 700 Million Breadsticks per year.

The first Olive Garden was in the city of Chicago.

You can only find the Olive Garden in the United States.

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon owns the Olive Garden tagline – “When You’re Here, You’re Family.”


Fact – That’s about three breadsticks per customer.

Fake – General Mills launched the first Olive Garden in Orlando, Florida in 1982.

Fake – The is one in Lima, Peru, and there are also Olive Gardens in Mexico, Kuwait, and Brazil!

Fact – Olive Garden dropped the catchy tagline in 2012 for a new ad campaign, and when Jimmy Fallon heard the news, he asked if he could have the phrase. Olive Garden President Dave George appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show to sign over the rights on-air.