Caffeine – 8/8/19

1)  Tea leaves have a higher caffeine content than coffee beans?

2)  Spiders become twice as effective at spinning webs when given caffeine?

3)  A teaspoon of powdered caffeine is equal to roughly 25 cups of coffee?

4)  It would take between 50 and 100 cups of coffee in one day to kill an adult?


1)  Fact…but since the brewing method is weaker, a cup of tea has less caffeine than an equal size cup of coffee.

2)  Fake… their webs look like they were spun by a drunk spider as they can’t metabolize caffeine.  Bees on the other hand love it as some flowers have low levels of caffeine and it gives them a buzz and apparently helps with their memory.

3)  Fact.

4)  Fake…in a 4 hour period.