Bo Derek – 8/6/19

10 turns 40 this year in October.  Bo Derek was interviewed recently and stated that she would love to star in a remake/reboot/sequel.  Her mom, Norma, was a hairstylist and make-up artist for Anne Margaret.

1)  Bo’s real first name is Mary?

2)  10 was her first role in a movie?

3)  Her late husband, John Derek, was 20 years older than her when they wed?

4)  At the 20th annual Golden Raspberry Awards in 2000, she won the award for worst actress of the 20th century?


1)  Fact…she was born Mary Cathleen Collins.

2)  Fake…she appeared in a film called Orca in 1977, a take-off of Jaws…and had her leg bitten off.

3)  Fake…30.

4)  Fake…while nominated along with Elizabeth Berkley, Brooke Shields, and Pia Zadora, she lost out to Madonna.