Area 51 – 7/11/19

There’s a Facebook event circulating asking people to storm the gates of Area 51 on September 20th to look for evidence of UFO’s.  The event page says that the security of Area 51 can’t stop everyone.  Over 200,000 people have said they are planning to go.

1)  Area 51 was originally built to test nuclear devices?

2)  Area 51 was also called Paradise Ranch at its inception?

3)  It wasn’t until 1999 that the government admitted to the existence of Area 51?

4)  Area 51 has its own airline?


1)  Fake…although it’s connected to the Nevada Test Site where nuclear devices were detonated, it was built as a secret and secluded CIA location to test the U-2 spy plane in the mid 50’s.

2)  Fact…along with the name Groom Lake, which is the dry lake bed that’s part of the base.  Kelly Johnson, the man behind the both the U-2 and the SR-71 designs, named it Paradise Ranch to encourage people to move to the area that was really a horrible location.

3)  Fake…2013.  A request had been made in 2005  through the Freedom of Information Act, but it took another 8 years for the CIA and Air Force to formally admit it existed.

4)  Fact…it’s called Janet.  Janet flights go between Groom Lake and McCarren Airport in Las Vegas.  There’s a restricted terminal at the airport, and the flight attendants have to gain Top Secret clearance to work for the airline.