Dan Aykroyd – 6/11/19

The new Ghostbusters movie is due out next summer, starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Sigourney Weaver.

1)  He has no pigment in his eyes?

2)  Aykroyd proposed to Carrie Fisher after saving her life?

3)  His marriage to Donna Dixon was his 2nd marriage?

4)  He was part of the We Are The World?


1)  Fake…he has different colored eyes, one blue and the other green.

2)  Fact…she was choking on brussel sprouts while they were filming The Blues Brothers.

3)  Fake…back in the 70’s, he had filled out a talent survey and listed a wife named Maureen and 3 kids.  Some news and media outlets latched onto it after his success with SNL and took it at face value.  By the way, he proposed to Donna on Fran Drescher’s porch.

4)  Fact.