Rainbows – 6/10/19

Rainbows mean happiness and hope and are also the universal symbol for Pride month, which is this month, June.  From songs by Judy Garland , to leprechauns , everyone loves a rainbow. Beyond those classic 7 colors (ROYGBIV), a rainbow is actually made up of a larger continuum of more than 1 million colors — including colors the human eye cannot see.

Earth is the only planet in the solar system where rainbows are possible.

The state of Florida is home to the most Rainbows than any other area on Earth.

You very rarely see rainbows at noon.

There are not only rainbows but fogbows.


Fact – The ingredients required to make a rainbow are sunlight and raindrops. Currently, there is no other planet known to have liquid water on its surface or in enough quantities in the atmosphere to make rain.

Fake – It is the state of Hawaii.

Fact – As light enters water, the path it takes changes. … This bending of the light as it enters and leaves the drop disperses the light of the sun into its spectrum of colors that form the rainbow. A rainbow is located opposite to the sun; this explains why rainbows are not seen at noon with the sun overhead.

Fact – A “fogbow” is formed by cloud and fog droplets.