The Bodyguard – 6/7/19

In a recent interview, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson spoke about which movie they would like to remake, and it was 1992’s The Bodygaurd.  Back in 2011, Warner Bros. announced it was developing a “Bodyguard” remake, and they wanted Rihanna for the lead, but she turned the project down, saying she wanted to play anything but a singer because her whole life was playing Rihanna; being a singer wouldn’t be a stretch for her.  By the way, Kevin Costner will be on Kimmel tonight.

1)  It was the 2nd highest grossing movie of 1992?

2)  The movie has the best-selling movie soundtrack of all time?

3)  The screenplay was written by the same guy who wrote the Beverly Hills Cop movies?

4)  Whitney Houston’s mansion in the movie was also the house used in the filming of 50 Shades Of Gray?  .


1)  Fact…after Aladdin.  It also cost just $25 million to make, but made $411 million worldwide.

2)  Fact, with over 18 million sold.  Saturday Night Fever is second, followed by Purple Rain.

3)  Fake…Lawrence Kasden wrote is back in 1976, then went on to help write The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

4)  Fake…it was the house in the Godfather where the horse head was found in the bed.  It’s known as the Beverly House and was owned by William Randolph Hearst and hosted JFK and Jackie on their honeymoon