Rambo: First Blood – 6/3/19

Rambo: Last Blood is due out this September, and the trailer premiered recently.  It’ll be the 5th movie in the franchise.  Rambo came out in 2008, Rambo 3 in 1988, Rambo First Blood Part 2 came out in ’85, and the initial movie, First Blood premiered in 1982.  Stallone asked for $3.5 million to do First Blood.  By Rambo 3, his request was a $12 million jet.

1)  James Garner turned down the lead role?

2)  Rambo is named after an apple?

3)  Rambo only kills one person in First Blood?

4)  The first cut of the film was over 3 hours long, and Stallone initially threatened to leave the project if anything was cut?


1)  Fact…has a Korean War vet, he didn’t want to portray a man who comes home from war and fights police officers.

2)  Fact…the writer of the novel, David Morrell, named his character after an apple cultivated by a 17th century Swedish settler named Peter Gunnarson Rambo.

3)  Fake…he doesn’t kill anyone, just injures them.  One person does perish, Deputy Galt, but from a fall from a helicopter.

4)  Fake…Stallone thought the long cut was horrible and tried to buy the rights to the film so he could destroy it.