Pizza Hut – 5/30/19

Pizza Hut just changed the recipe of its original pan pizza for the first time in almost 40 years.  They say the new version took three years to develop and has a crispier crust and a, quote, “more flavorful” sauce and blend of cheese.  The first location opened in Wichita in 1958 by a couple of brothers who borrowed $600 from their mom.

1)  The original name for the franchise was Pizza Hutch?

2)  Pizza Hut is the first restaurant to use online ordering?

3)  Pizza Hut is now owned by a Chinese company?

4)  As a kid, you could make your own pizzas in a Pizza Hut easy bake oven?


1)  Fake…one of the wives of the founders thought the building they set up shop in looked like a hut, so they used it.

2)  Fact…in 1994.

3)  Fake…it’s owned by YUM Brands based in Louisville, KY.

4)  Fact…it was made by Coleco in the mid 70’s.  It used a 60-watt bulb to cook the mini pizza.