Frasier – 5/28/19

A Frasier re-boot is in the works.  While you could see the Space Needle from Frasier’s apartment in the show to associate it with Seattle, at the time, there were no apartment complexes that had that view.  After the show became popular, apartment buildings were apparently built to accommodate the huge requests for it.

1)  Frasier was shot on the same sound stage as Cheers?

2)  The furniture in Frasier’s home was from IKEA?

3)  Moose the dog, who played Eddie on the show, was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy?

4)  Every main cast member of Cheers made an appearance on Frasier?


1)  Fact…Stage 25 at Paramount Studio in Los Angeles.

2)  Fake…it was all designer furniture to match Frasier’s affluence.  It cost around a half-million dollars to furnish.  The sofa alone was around $15,000.

3)  Fake…but he did grace the cover by himself of Entertainment Weekly in ’93.

4)  Fake… everyone but Kirstie Alley.  As the story goes, she didn’t believe in psychiatry as she was a Scientologist.