Louis Vuitton – 5/24/19

LV is one of the most counterfeited products on the planet.  Each bag undergoes rigorous testing…the zipper is opened and closed over 5000 times and they are dropped from a height of around 2 feet for around 4 days straight with a weight inside.

1)  Louis lives in a cottage on the French Riviera?

2)  The bags are fireproof?

3)  Any remaining bags not sold at the end of each year are given to charities around the world for auction?

4)  They made a short-lived dog bed called Chewy Vuitton?


1)  Fake…he died in 1892.  He founded the label in 1852 in Paris.

2)  Fact…to a certain extent.  They are made with fibers to help keep contents safe for a short period of time.  They are also waterproof.

3)  Fake…they are shredded and burnt to help maintain the exclusivity of the brand.

4)  Fake…a company did, and LV sued them for copyright infringement.  They lost.