Tetris – 5/22/19

Tetris turns 35 years old in a couple of weeks.  The game was created in June of 1984 by a Russian engineer called Alexey Pajitnov.  He was working on issues of artificial intelligence and speech recognition…at the age of 29.

1)  The name Tetris owns its name partly to tennis?

2)  It was the first video game played in outer space?

3)  Alexey never saw a penny for his invention?

4)  The original PC version of the game came with a cardboard Netscape overlay to hide your play at work?


1)  Fact…the inventor took the word tetra, which is Greek for four…and his favorite game tennis and combined them.

2)  Fact…by a Russian cosmonaut on the Mir Space Station in 1993.

3)  Fake…it took over a decade after he invented it, but his net worth now is around $20 billion.

4)  Fake…it came with a Boss Button, which many other games had in the 80’s.  It allowed you to hit a special key and a spreadsheet would pop up, looking like you were really working.