60 Minutes – 5/20/19

Steve Kroft, now 73, the longest-tenured 60 Minutes correspondent, retired at the end of his 30th season last night.  The show just wrapped up its 51st season finale. In September, 60 Minutes will air a retrospective of Kroft’s 50-year career in journalism.

1)  There was a spinoff called 30 minutes?

2)  It originally had a theme song?

3)  The original hosts were Morley Safer and Dan Rather?

4)  Andy Rooney’s famous line “Did you notice?” was uttered in over half of his 1097 commentaries?


1)  Fact…it was a kids program from ’78-’82.

2)  Fake…the ticking clock has been standard since it began in 1968.

3)  Fake…Harry Reasoner and Mike Wallace.  Morley and Dan were part-time correspondents.

4)  Fake…according to the show’s producers, he never said it once.  It was written for Joe Piscopo to use when impersonating Rooney on SNL.