New York Waiter Returns $400,000 Check!

A New York City waiter returned a $424,000 cashier’s check to a customer who reportedly didn’t tip.

Armando Markaj, a pre-med student, was waiting on Karen Vinacour’s table at Patsy’s Pizzeria in Manhattan.  Patsy was with her daughter and had left  a white envelope with a cashier’s check she received from selling her apartment on the table.  It was the proceeds from selling her NYC apartment and she was planning to put down a payment on a new house wit that check.  The waiter found the check and knew it was important.  He tried to find her but could not and contacted the pizzeria owner to help in locating the woman and her daughter.  The woman said she did not leave a tip because the restaurant did not have many pictures of women on the walls.  Okay, but she is lucky her waiter was and honest and good guy.  Check out the video below for more of this “Online Sunshine” story.