Jelly Beans – 4/22/19

Today is National Jelly Bean day.  The first jelly beans were created in the early 1800’s here in American, derived from a Turkish treat.  During the Civil War, a candy maker encouraged folks to send his jelly beans to Union Soldiers.

1)  It takes a full day to make a jelly bean?

2)  Jelly beans were the first candy to be sold in bulk?

3)  There were 5 original flavors of Jelly Belly beans when they were first introduced in 1976?

4)  Ronald Reagan ate jelly beans to help him quit smoking?


1)  Fake…over 7 days and sometimes up to 3 weeks, due to the manufacturing process.

2)  Fact…back around 1905, an ad in a Chicago newspaper promoted a bag of jelly beans for 9 cents.

3)  Fake…8.  Very Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Lemon, Licorice and Grape.

4)  Fact…when he was governor of California in the late 60’s and early 70’s, he used jelly beans to help him quit smoking a pipe.