Notre-Dame Cathedral – 4/17/19

More than 13 million visitors pass through the grand gate of Notre-Dame every year. This means the Cathedral welcomes around 35 thousand visitors a day! In France, 99% of towns have a smaller population than this!  It was suffered fire damage this week and hopefully will be rebuilt to it’s former glory within the next 5  to years.


The Cathedral is a measurement reference.

The Cathedral’s many bells all have names.

The 1939 film The Hunchback of Notre-Dame was in part filmed in the Cathedral.

The pipe organ in the church is the largest in France.



Fact –  on the square in front of the church, a much overlook tiny plate, engraved with a compass, and known as “point zero des routes de France” (Point Zero of French Roads), indicates where all distances to and from Paris are measured from.

Fact – they are called Marie, Emmanuel, Gabriel, Anne-Geneviève, Denis, Marcel, Etienne, Benoît-Joseph, Maurice, and Jean-Marie, for the main ones.

Fake –  A huge set was built on the RKO lot for almost half a million dollars.  It was one of the most expensive films ever made at the time.

Fact – It has 8000 pipes and 5 keyboards.