Q-tips – 3/11/19

A 31 year old guy in England was rushed to the emergency room recently after getting part of a q-tip stuck in his ear.  He wasn’t aware of it, and it caused an infection in his brain that almost killed him.

1)  The “Q” is shortened from the word cue?

2)  The stalk was originally made out of wood?

3)  When invented, their intended use was for cleaning typewriters?

4)  The world’s largest q-tip is 2 ½ feet long?


1)  Fake…it stands for quality.

2)  Fact…until 1958 when they became paper.

3)  Fake…in the 20’s, the inventor saw his wife wrap cotton around a toothpick to help clean their baby.

4)  Fake…just over 18 feet.  It was built as a promotion for World Marrow Donor Day in 2016.