Thomas Edison – 2/11/19

On February 11, 1983, U.S. President Ronald Reagan declared this day to be National Inventors Day. The date was selected, as Thomas Alva Edison was born on this day in 1847 in Milan,Ohio.

1)  He wanted to be an actor?

2)  He named both of his children Dot and Dash in honor of his early telegraph days?

3)  He didn’t receive his first official patent until he was 47 years old?

4)  The first ever recording done on a phonograph invented by Edison was Mary Had A Little Lamb?


1)  Fact…he was fond of Shakepeare as a kid, but due to his high-pitched voice and shyness, he gave up the dream.

2)  Fake…they were their nicknames.

3)  Fake…he was 22… and it was for a telegraphic vote-recording machine for the legislature.

4)  Fact…in order to test it, that’s what he chose.