Movie Sound Effects – 1/16/19

1)  The sound of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park is a school of whales played backwards?

2)  The large boulder sound effect in Raiders Of The Lost Ark came from a car on a gravel road?

3)  The sound of Linda Blair’s head turning around in The Exorcist was done using an armadillo carcass?

4)  The famous laser blasts in Star Wars were created with dripping wax?


1)  Fake…engineers took a bunch of animal sounds and slowed them down. 

2)  Fact…they put a Honda Civic station wagon in neutral and rolled it down a dirt road. 

3)  Fake…the sound guy twisted an old leather wallet with a bunch of credit cards inside. 

4)  Fake… legendary sound guy Ben Burts hit a radio tower guy wire with a hammer.