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Gilligan’s Island 1/9/19

Gilligan’s Island 1/9/19

Gilligan’s Island 1/9/19


 Bob Denver, Gilligan would have been 84 years old today.  The show ran from 1964- 1967 was originally a six-hour ride, not a 3 hour tour.  Ginger was originally a secretary in the script and Mary Ann and the Professor were originally extra and not even mentioned in the original theme song.


Dick Van Dyke was offered the role of Gilligan. 


The flag in the opening sequence of the show is at half mast because of the Kennedy Assassination. 


Gilligan’s first name is Waldo. 


Bob Denver’s cousin was singer John Denver. 


Fake – It was his brother Jerry Van Dyke.  He took the part in the TV show “My Mother the Car.” 

Fact – The pilot was filmed in November of 1963. 

Fake – it is Willy! 

Fake – But the city of Denver, Colorado is named for Bob Denver’s Great, Great Grandfather, James William Denver.  Despite the Rocky Mountain High, he is in no way related to John Denver. 

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