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Kurt Owens

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Kurt Owens

 Weekdays 2-7

Kurt helps you finish off your workday the final 3 hours of the 9 to 5 no-repeat workday.  He also makes sure you get plenty of music for your ride home with The Star Drive @ Five, a full 40 minutes of non-stop music starting at 5p right when you get in the car. says mom's job is worth $119.000.  Calculate your own mom value here.


With mother's day this Sunday here's a heartbreaking but very touching story that has just come out from last week's storms across Arkansas.  Click here to see the video of a son's final text to his mom.


Julian has a really bad day on Wheel of Fortune.  Click HERE to see it.


Billy Joel visited Jimmy Fallon this week and the results are amazing! Watch it here.




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