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Fast Cars 4 Fast Cures Hot Rod Bike Show

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Fast Cars 4 Fast Cures Hot Rod / Bike Show will be the event of the summer and it's almost here! They are doing these shows to raise money and awareness to erase Cancer, Heart Attacks and Strokes in the Midwest. It is the #1, 2, 3 killers of Americans today. Many of you probably know someone who has been affected with one or more of these diseases. It can be finacially devastating for years to come. 

The goal is to try to help those families affected by repairing, installing or making their home more accessible to live in, by building ramps or whatever they need. 

Everyone is excited to be bringing these events to the Midwest area with the help of Chili's Restaurant and The Loose Moose Bar & Grill just south of 120th. Fort St. This year, there will be 2 shows per month. The first show will be at Chili's just south of 84th. Harrison is on May 27th and will always be on the last Sunday of each month thru September.  

And the next week on Sunday, the first Sunday of each month, they will have a show at The Loose Moose just south of 120th Fort St. There will be a Live Band performing.  So mark your calendars and bring your family and friends out to a great cause and help us defeat Cancer, Heart Attacks and Strokes.

Occurs once: Sep 30, 2012

School Closings

Omaha, NE

N at 18 mph
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