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Q:  35% of Americans say they will some of these on December 31st.  What are they?
A:  Unused vacation days.
Today's winner:  Nobody got the answer, so we put an 8th notch on our wall!

Q:  79% of us plan to do this during the holidays this year.  It was 92% a generation ago.  What is it?
A:  Put up a tree.
Today's winners:  Naomi and Tom

Q:  According to Instagram statistics, this physical location wast he most Instagrammed in Nebraska this year.  Where is it?
A:  CenturyLink Center
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  25% of us have admitted to doing this while holiday shopping.  What is it?
A:  Trying to get into the wrong car.
Today's winner;  Dawn

Q;  Of all the 45 U.S. Presidents, only 5 of them have this in common.  What is it?
A:  They had beards.  (Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, and Harrison)
Today's winner:  Carrie

Q:  According to a recent study, this holiday season only 33% of us are actually looking forward to this.  What is it?
A:  Office Christmas parties.
Today winners:  Addison, Emerson, Grayson, and Dad

Q:  12% of us will try this during this time of the year.  What is it?
A:  Cut down your own Christmas tree.
Today's winner:  Vicky

Q:  According to a recent survey, 82% of men do this at the holidays.  What is it?  
A:  Put up the outside decorations.
Today's winner:  Scott

Q:  The average American expects to get 9 of these during the holidays.  What are we expecting?
A:  Extra pounds.
Today's winner:  Tracy

Q:  This TV character dated 66 women over the course of the show.  Which character is it?
A:  Jerry Seinfeld
Today's winner:  Monique

Q:Doing this makes a woman appear 7 pounds lighter.  What is it?
A:  Getting a tan.
Today's winner:  Stephanie

Q:  According to a recent survey, this relative is the most likely to go overboard with their drinking on Thanksgiving.  Which one is it?  
A:  Your uncle
Today's winner:  Mary

Q:  51% of people don't remember this from high school.  What is it?
A:  Their prom song.
Today's winner:  Addision, Emerson, Grayson, and Dad

Q:  According to the FCC, we spent $286 million using these in 2015.  What are they?
A:  Payphones
Today's winner:  Patty

Q:  20% of us would never give this up, no matter the cost.  What is it?
A:  Going out to eat.
Today's winner:  Gale

Q:  According to a recent survey, 46% of people said the worst fight they have with their relatives over the holidays is over this.  What is it?
A:  Where everyone will sleep
Today's winner:  Ashley

Q:  Almost 10% of staples manufactured worldwide are made for this purpose.  What is it?
A:  Manufacturing tea bags
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  According to a recent study, people who work without these sleep an average of 46 minutes less per night.  What are they?
A:  Windows
Today's winner:  No winner this morning!  

Q:  It takes the average person 20 minutes to do this.  What is it?
A:  Choose what to watch on Netflix.
Today's winner:

Q:  This movie character was recently voted as the greatest of all time.  Which one is it?
A:  Indiana Jones.
Today's winner:  Mary

Q:  According to a recent survey, 66% of the world's population
A:  Snow
Today's winner:  Ricky

Q:  This candy was voted the worst candy to give out on Halloween.  Which on is it?
A:  Circus peanuts
Today's winner:  Kevin

Q:  The first on of these was created in 1839.  What was it?
A:  The first selfie.
Today's winner:  Paul

Q:  Only one of our fifty state capitals is pronounced using one syllable.  Which one is it?
A:  Pierre
Today's winner:  Lisa

Q:  This sound is in the key of F.  What sound is it?
A:  A dial tone.
Today's winner:  STUMPER!  No winner.

Q:  This mutachioed mascot's first name is Julius.  What brand does he represent?
A:  Pringles.
Today's winner:  Gretna Art Class

Q:  According to a new hygiene survey, when floss isn't available, 61% of us use this instead.  What is it?
A:  Our fingernail.
Today's winner:  Bev

Q:  This fictional character would turn 38 this year.  What character is it?
A:  Bart Simpson.
Today's winner:  Michelle

Q:  Today, it costs $110 for a ticket to Walt Disney World in Florida.  What was the cost of a ticket 40 years ago in 1977?
A:  $6.00
Today's winner:  Dawn

Q:  The average one of these lasts an average of 6 years.  What is it?
A:  A dollar bill.
Today's Winner:  Daniel

Q:  This video game was originally developed as a training tool.  Which video game was it?
A:  Pong.
Today's winner:  Nikki

Q:  According to a new survey, half of us don't like to do this when we are at home.  What is it?
A:  Answer the door.
Today's winner:  Addison, Emerson, and Grayson

Q:  The members of this long running TV show were paid $750 per episode in its first season.  Which show is it?
A:  Saturday Night Live
Today's Winner:  Coleen

Q:  According to new research, 55% of grandparents say they don't have one of these.  What is it?  
A:  A mortgage
Today's winner:  Howard

Q: According to a new study of Halloween candy sales over the past 10 years, the most purchased candy in Nebraska is what?
A:  Sour Patch Kids
Today's winner:  Rod


Q:  The state of Georgia is looking to name a brand new town after this business.  Which one is it?
A:  Amazon.
Today's winner:  The Gretna High art class

Q:  The average American receives this by the age of 13.  What is it?
A:  Their first kiss.
Today's winner:  April


Q:  This movie franchise is adding yet another one to its series.  Which movie is it?
A:  Die Hard
Today's winner:  Jerry

Q:  The average American has this happen 6 times per year.  What is it?
A:  Catches a cold.
Today's winner:  Mary