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Turning Into My Parents

Turning Into My Parents

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Help!  I’m turning into my parents … and it’s scaring me.  I can still remember on numerous occasions growing up when I said things to my mom and dad like, “You’re so strict!  When I have kids                  .  Fill in the blank with anything, like, “I’m going to let them stay out as late as they want!  Or, “They’ll be allowed to go to dessert parties.” Or, “They can eat whatever they want!”  Or in my case, “I’m going to let my kids jump on as many trampolines as they want!” 


Yeah, can you believe it?  My mom and dad actually forbid me from jumping on trampolines when I was a kid.  (Of course, sometimes I did anyway, but I usually obeyed their rule). That’s because they even went as far as calling my friend’s parents, who had trampolines, to tell them I was not allowed to jump under ANY circumstances.  That left me as the odd girl out, while my friends were jump, jump, jumping their way to a good time.  I can only remember one kid on the block who broke an arm jumping on the trampoline, but as a kid, it was certainly worth the risk.  Unfortunately for me, my parents didn’t see it that way.


So, the other day, Dan and I are watching a news story about how dangerous trampolines are and how more than 100,000 kids are injured each year by jumping on trampolines, some suffering debilitating injuries.  Dan’s first thought was, “Wow, kids just can’t have any fun anymore!”  My first thought was, “I’m not sure I want my little one year old to eventually be jumping on trampolines and breaking things.”  That was immediately followed by, “Wow, I’m turning into my mom!  Oh no!”  


My friends at Methodist Health System offer their expert advice on the subject of trampolines, bicycle, in-line skating, skateboarding, and scooter safety, and even helpful information on playground safety.


I just can’t believe it’s already starting.  Jackson’s only 1 and the transformation into my mom and dad is already well under way.  I guess they actually do know best. We don’t realize it until we’re in their shoes and they get the last, “I told you so” laugh.  One of our listeners recently shared this saying with us and I think it’s more than applicable.  “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.”  I am still hoping to never use the cop out excuse, “Because I said so!”  But, only time will tell. 


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