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Almost Crawling

Almost Crawling

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Oh boy, Jackson seems like he’s minutes away from crawling, but fortunately for Mom and Dad we’re still at the stage where he’s scooting and once he gets to his stomach, he just gets upset and wants to be picked back up.  Poor little guy, he just gets so frustrated! 


It’s hard to imagine him crawling, but I know once it happens, life as we know it is over!  We’ve already bought some baby gates and got some great advice from Methodist on baby proofing, but it’s still scary to think of all the inevitable bumps and bruises that Jackson’s future holds.    Plus, we look around our house and see so many potential dangers.  Is there really a way to fully baby proof your house?  Methodist provides moms with great information on home safety, car safety, toy safety, and information if your child takes a spill, 


And walking, oh my goodness, we are not ready for that.  Thank goodness our little guy is still just standing in one place while holding on for dear life.


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