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Mommy Weight

Mommy Weight

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Jackson will be a year old at the end of July and time seems to have just flown by!  I know, cliche, but true.  Most days I cannot believe he's the same fragile little infant we were so scared to bring home.  Shortly after giving birth at Methodist Women’s Hospital, I remember thinking I had all the time in the world to drop the LB'S.  And, as far as the scale goes, I've been back to pre-pregnancy weight for about 4 months now... but everything's all shifty, my pants and clothes don't fit quite the same and I still have a little bit of a belly I'm trying to work away in my spare time. I still find myself saying, "Well, I just had a baby!"  But, when I look at the calendar and see my "new" baby is almost a year old, it got me thinking, just how long I can use that excuse?


My brother first brought this to my attention over the Christmas holiday.  We had gone for a hike while I was home in AZ and about half way up realized just how out of shape I actually was.  I was spent, but determined to make it to the top of Camelback Mountain.  About 3/4 of the way up he was razzing and teasing me for being so tired and for all the stopping and huffing and puffing I was doing.  Now, to put this in perspective, he's an Ironman.  He works out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I am not an Ironman.  I am barely a triathlete.  So, once I caught my breath I managed to eek out the response, "Well, give me a break, I just had a baby!"   To which he responded, "That was 5 months ago, you can't use that excuse still!"  I was totally taken back, because wisely, this is something my husband would NEVER say to me.  He may think it, but not say it.  I didn't quite know how to respond, other than saying, "Well, I'll use that excuse as long as I want!"  Right?  I hadn't ever really thought of that excuse having an expiration date.  I use it whenever possible or applicable.  I had every intention of running a second 1/2 marathon this summer, but between work and taking care of Jackson, I was too tired and never found the time to train.  My excuse, "Well, I just had a baby!"  My excuse for shopping for new clothes, "Well, I just had a baby!"


So, my question... will it be weird if I'm still saying it when Jackson graduates high school?

Luckily, my friends at Methodist are a valuable resource and support system when it comes to this subject.


Check out these tips for healthy eating from the dietitians at Methodist Health System.


Also, click here to watch a video from my interview with one of Methodist’s registered dietitians, Tracie Jackson, where we uncover the “lighter side” of restaurant menus.



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