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You Don't Want To Miss Out On This Free Class!

You Don't Want To Miss Out On This Free Class!

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The free class Methodist Physicians Clinic Pediatrics is holding next week to help parents prepare to bring their baby home got me thinking about how they helped us prepare, along with help from friends and family. I’ll give you some of my insight. 


One of the first things I did before getting registered was email all of the women in my life who are moms.  I asked them for their practical advice about what they used, what they didn’t use, what was a “must have” and things they could have done without or were extras.  I got a lot of great feedback and compiled a list of do’s and don’ts as far as registering.  I also got some great advice from our salesman at Nebraska Furniture Mart.  My mom and I were looking at what seemed like a million different cribs when the salesman recommended the book “Baby Bargains.”  We headed right to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy for $13.  It turns out, that was my second best decision.  The book rates everything from Diaper bags to strollers based on mom and dad reviews. It was a wonderful tool when it came to decide which car seat to register for, whether we wanted a travel system or not and on and on. 


Along the way I’ve also compiled my own list of must have’s.


1. Disposable dirty diaper sacks.  LOVE these.  We forwent the “Diaper Genie” and put all his dirty diapers in these disposable bags.  Plus, they’re great for when you’re on the go.  They eliminate the odor and give you a great way to dispose of diapers.

2. Snot Sucker.  (Also called the Nose Frieda).  They only sell this in Lincoln, but you can also purchase it online.  This is a savior when Jackson is stuffed up and congested.  It gets more snot out than you could ever dream of with one of those rubber suckers.

3. ZIPPERED sleepers!  Do not even waste your money on anything that snaps or buttons.  As a new mom (or dad) you will be nothing but frustrated at 3 a.m. when you’re trying to change a crying baby and match up all the correct buttons.  I’m convinced whoever makes those does not have children or did not change them.

4.Sleep sacks A must!  It’s a safe way to keep them warm without worrying about a blanket in the crib.

5. A sound maker.  We first bought Jackson a “Sleep Sheep.”  I wouldn’t waste the money again, although nice for travel.  We now use his swing, which has the build in heartbeat sound and stays on all night, instead of shutting off in 23 or 43 minutes.


Hope that helps.  If you have any other questions you can always post comments here or email me at

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