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Volunteers Make Methodist's NICU Feel More Like Home

Volunteers Make Methodist's NICU Feel More Like Home

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I am just so impressed with the NICU at Methodist Women’s Hospital and how they go the extra mile for families.  A few weeks ago I talked about how impressed I was with the level of care you receive, how experienced their neonatologists are and how they have top of the line equipment readily available should anything happen or a baby need immediate care.  But beyond that, I wanted to focus on the added stuff they do to help make families feel more at home, at ease and welcomed.  They do two things that help with that. 


First, they have “volunteens” who, as you might guess are teenagers and along with the nursing staff, they volunteer their time to decorate the room doors with the name of the infant staying in each room.  But, they don’t just decorate with the name; they use pretty colors and also add decorations and designs to the window that leads into the baby’s room.  This is something I noticed right away that helps give warmth to the NICU.


Second, they have volunteers of all ages who come into the NICU to volunteer their time as “cuddlers.”  Anyone can sign up to be a volunteer cuddler and go through the class and then they simply spend time loving on these little babies were born way too soon.  It’s a wonderful thing that Methodist does in partnering with the community to make sure the babies born at the hospital who have to spend time in the NICU are always being looked after and getting the attention they deserve.  Mom’s and dad’s often have to go back to work shortly after birth or have other kiddos to look after so they cannot be there for their tiny little newborns around the clock, although they wish they could be.  So, this is a wonderful way to make sure the babies are being talked to, sung to and loved while family is gone.  Methodist is always looking for volunteers and volunteens, so click here to find out more.

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