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A Unique Perspectve

A Unique Perspectve

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Having an 8 month old and a 16 year old step son provides quite a bit of insight into what’s to come with our sweet, little, innocent bouncing baby boy.  It’s a mixed blessing.  On one hand I see how DJ (the 16 year old) is growing more independent by the day and it makes me appreciate all of the sweet little moments I have with Jackson now because I see where it all heads.  On the other side, I see that first words eventually turn into some talking back. 

But me, I think my biggest concern looking into the crystal ball that is my stepson and today’s kids, is how connected kids are and how dependent they are on their cell phones, especially texting.  It makes me sad when I see DJ (and every other teen on the planet) buried in their cell phone instead of taking in life as it’s happening and seemingly passing them by. It seems like youth is even more so being wasted on the young. 


It’s such a big deal to Dan and me that Jackson’s able to experience life and create memories, it makes us not want to get Jackson a cell phone… ever. He may just be the only kid without a cell phone (or whatever the next big thing is.)  Especially since kids are getting cell phones and iPhones as young as 10 or 11. I mean, really? Is that really necessary? And one that connects to the internet from the palm of their hand?  I know I’m going to sound especially old when I write this, but “We didn’t have cell phones back in my day and we survived!”


I think today’s teens are going to look back and have a lot of regrets about all they missed out on while hunched over the glowing screen of their cell phones having trivial conversations. Get out, do things and make memories! That’s hopefully what we’ll be teaching Jackson.


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