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Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Basics

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Methodist is holding a "Breastfeeding Basics" class on Tuesday, March 15th from 6-8 p.m. at the new Methodist Women's Hospital, in the 717 medical office building. Their lactation consultants are going to be hosting the event for expecting and nursing moms to talk about the benefits of breast feeding. I can tell you first hand the lactation consultants at Methodist are wonderful, I still have their number on speed dial! 

The lactation consultants are always so quick to get back to you and so thorough with their answers.  Plus, I always liked that no matter how many questions and follow up questions I had they answered them with patience and without making me feel stupid for asking. Before I had Jackson I was excited to breast feed.  It seemed a little scary and overwhelming, but so amazing that MY BODY was going to be able to sustain and nourish my child better than anything else that could be created and sold.  After having Jackson, the nurses at the new Methodist Women's Hospital were so great when it came to helping me learn to nurse him. I would push my call button any time I was having trouble, day or night,  and they would come quickly and give me tips and help me get him latched on the right way. They were very patient and kind and gave me some great ideas and tips for success.  Once I got home with him, we still had our challenges and I had my questions.  But, I never shied away from calling their lactation specialists and they were also very optimistic and motivating, even at times when it felt like it would be easier to quit.  When I was having pain the first few weeks they gave me recommendations and the encouragement I needed to keep going.  On a couple different occasions I was ready to throw in the towel, but their specialists saw me through and kept me going
If you're thinking about breast feeding or are currently breast feeding, Methodist’s "Breastfeeding Basics" will be a great place to start, learn and ask questions.  There are so many benefits to breast feeding for me and baby Jackson and I'm grateful to Methodist for educating me and in turn giving my baby the best possible start to life. To hear more about the "Breastfeeding Basics" class, click on the interviews tab to listen to my conversation with Sue Hall, a lactation consultant with Methodist.

For more information on Lactation Services and Breastfeeding, visit

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