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  • Take the Methodist Women's Hospital Virtual Tour!

    Take the Methodist Women's Hospital Virtual Tour!

    You have to see Methodist Women’s Hospital to believe just how incredible it really is. And now you can by visiting This is such a great tool. You can take a virtual tour of Methodist Women’s Hospital, on your time, from your computer, and win prizes. You’ll be able to see how spacious the labor and delivery rooms are, for your comfort and in case mom needs extra medical attention. Plus, each room comes with a comfortable recliner, foldout sleep sofa, which is big enough for dad, TV, DVD player, a safe and more! You’ll see their six Jacuzzi rooms and how there is a bassinet in every Mother/baby room so you can be with baby 24/7, even after a C-Section.

  • Flying with a baby

    Flying with a baby

  • A New Ask Nikki Feature

    You have a question - Nikki finds the answer

    Ask Nikki for help with just about anything!

  • Tour Methodist Women's Hospital from your computer!

    Tour Methodist Women's Hospital from your computer!

    You’ve probably heard how incredible the new Methodist Women’s Hospital is and I can tell you from experience … it’s like a 5 star hotel! And now, you can see for yourself at

  • Almost Crawling

    Almost Crawling

    Oh boy, Jackson seems like he’s minutes away from crawling, but fortunately for Mom and Dad we’re still at the stage where he’s scooting and once he gets to his stomach, he just gets upset and wants to be picked back up. Poor little guy, he just gets so frustrated!

  • Mommy Weight

    Mommy Weight

    Jackson will be a year old at the end of July and time seems to have just flown by! I know, cliche, but true. Most days I cannot believe he's the same fragile little infant we were so scared to bring home. Shortly after giving birth at Methodist Women’s Hospital, I remember thinking I had all the time in the world to drop the LB'S. And, as far as the scale goes, I've been back to pre-pregnancy weight for about 4 months now... but everything's all shifty, my pants and clothes don't fit quite the same and I still have a little bit of a belly I'm trying to work away in my spare time. I still find myself saying, "Well, I just had a baby!" But, when I look at the calendar and see my "new" baby is almost a year old, it got me thinking, just how long I can use that excuse?

  • Birth Class

    Birth Class

    I remember having the discussion with Dan about wanting to go to birth class while I was pregnant. I swear it was like I not only had to convince him—I had to drag him there all but kicking and screaming. Then, after about the first 20 minutes or so he really started to loosen up and enjoy it. In retrospect, I think he’d agree that taking a birth class through Methodist was one of the best things we did.

  • Marching For Babies

    Marching For Babies

    The March for Babies was a huge success on Sunday at Mahoney State Park! We had the biggest turn out yet and some of the nicest weather. I was so proud to walk with our Star 104.5 team, alongside Methodist, to help raise money and awareness for such a great organization and such a great cause. It’s so wonderful to see how many people, from all walks of life, come together to be such a big voice for such tiny beings who do not yet have one. I think it’s remarkable and am glad the hospital that cares for my son also makes it a priority to be so involved. It’s really breath taking and moving to see so many people celebrating how far we’ve come with prematurity awareness and how far we still have to go. At one point when we were walking with nearly 5,000 people through Mahoney State Park I had to fight back tears.

  • Breastfeeding Basics

    Breastfeeding Basics

  • A Unique Perspectve

    A Unique Perspectve

    Having an 8 month old and a 16 year old step son provides quite a bit of insight into what’s to come with our sweet, little, innocent bouncing baby boy. It’s a mixed blessing. On one hand I see how DJ (the 16 year old) is growing more independent by the day and it makes me appreciate all of the sweet little moments I have with Jackson now because I see where it all heads. On the other side, I see that first words eventually turn into some talking back.

  • “This is my favorite age!”

    “This is my favorite age!”

    I find myself saying that every few weeks or so, “This is my favorite age!” It has been so much fun having our 8 month old in our lives. Dan had told me when I was pregnant that there is no joy, like the joy a child brings to a home. He was right.

  • Volunteers Make Methodist's NICU Feel More Like Home

    Volunteers Make Methodist's NICU Feel More Like Home

    I am just so impressed with the NICU at Methodist Women’s Hospital and how they go the extra mile for families. A few weeks ago I talked about how impressed I was with the level of care you receive, how experienced their neonatologists are and how they have top of the line equipment readily available should anything happen or a baby need immediate care. But beyond that, I wanted to focus on the added stuff they do to help make families feel more at home, at ease and welcomed. They do two things that help with that.

  • You Don't Want To Miss Out On This Free Class!

    You Don't Want To Miss Out On This Free Class!

    The free class Methodist Physicians Clinic Pediatrics is holding next week to help parents prepare to bring their baby home got me thinking about how they helped us prepare, along with help from friends and family. I’ll give you some of my insight.

  • March For Babies with Star & Methodist

    March For Babies with Star & Methodist

    I am so excited for the March for Babies walk this weekend! I’m hoping the weather will be nice and I’m really looking forward to Marching on the Star 104.5 team with Methodist. We have a lot of people who have already signed up to walk on both teams and will be a united sea of blue at Mahoney State Park on May 1st. It’s so inspirational and such a wonderful celebration of life, we hope you’re able to walk with us … it’s not too late! It’s a 3 mile, casual stroll. You can bring your friends, neighbors and kids, the course is definitely stroller friendly.

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