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Ask Nikki - Fresh Ideas for a host gift?

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Dear Nikki,

I need some original ideas to bring for host / hostess gifts. I am over candles and sometimes wine isn't appropriate. Any ideas ?

Polite Guest


Dear PG,

You are polite indeed. A thoughtful gift is always well-received.

 If you are heading out of town, it's a great idea to bring something that is made in Omaha. Think beyond Husker gear :) Farmer's Markets and local shops are great places to look for things like locally made jam, salad dressing, salsa etc.

If you know something the person loves like chocolate, go get a nice fancy box of chocolate. If they love wine, you don't have to get wine - get a wine accessory like a wine journal, aerator or wine stain removing pen.

If you just need something in a hurry - look around your own house and pick out a few of your favorite items. Maybe it's a cute kitschy scrub brush, maybe it's figs, hand soap, wine charms, flavored cooking oil or anything that you love that you think your host / hostess would appreciate.

I have no doubt you will come up with your own great ideas. These are just a few to get your considerate wheels turning.


Send me your questions, sticky situations and anything you need to ask about!

I will track down the answer

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