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Fun & Games

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Here's a chance to catch up if you missed
one of our morning contests!

Every Monday morning at 7:50, try to match wits with our Celebrity Panel.  
You get two guesses to match one of their pre-recorded guesses!  
If you're the first caller to do so, you win our weekly prize!


 _________ Theater

Deanne Brink - No guess
Matt Monroe - Summer Stock
Ryan McPike - No guess
Cami Carlisle - Movie


On Tuesday morning's at 6:50, we take the chorus of a song and spin it backward.  
If you're the first caller to indentify the song and artist, you win the weekly prize!

The Tune Twister for 12/2/14 was "Baby It's Cold Outside" by Dean Martin and Martina McBride


Every Wednesday morning around 8:35, we throw out a random question.
The first person to guess it correctly wins our weekly prize!

The Breakfast Quiz for 12/3/14 was:
According to a new survey, 63% of adults between the ages of 18 and 29 don't have one of these.  What is it?

The answer is:  A credit card.


Each Thursday morning at 6:50, we tip over a celebrity's 
trash can.  If you can figure out who the garbage 
items belong to, 
you win the weekly prize! 

The items we found in the trash can on 10/23/14 included:
Wedding picture with an elephant
Smurfette doll
Multi-colored wigs
Birth certificate with the last name Hudson
Purr perfume bottles

Answer:  Katy Perry 


On Fridays, call in your Funny to be entered into
our random drawing to win our weekly prize!



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